Apr. 15th, 2017

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Windows users might want to turn off their computers this weekend, warns security researcher who's only being 'somewhat glib'
An infamous hacker group known as the Shadow Brokers has just released a bunch of tools that that makes it easier for hackers to break into all kinds of Microsoft Windows computers and other Microsoft software, security researchers are warning.

The hacking tools are allegedly part of the arsenal that was said to be stolen from the NSA last summer. That arsenal was reportedly part of what NSA analysts use to break into computers, networks and other systems to do their spy work.

Back in August the group released a bunch of hacking tools and on Friday it released another bunch of "really amazing stuff" according to Nicholas Weaver, a computer security researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley on the blog Lawfair.

"This may well be the most damaging dump against the NSA to date, and it is without question the most damaging post-Snowden release," Weaver wrote.
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