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Devil carrying a soul

Missal, France ca. 1470-1475

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

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и тут такой барон Самди на белой лошади, босиком и в очках и в костюме цвета (... что это за цвет вообще?) а вы чапаев, чапаев.. тьфу на вас и тьфу еще раз на вашего чапаева

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Attack of the toxic salamanders

bestiary, England ca. 1200

Aberdeen University Library, MS 24, fol. 70r

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Случайно наткнулся на мощного, в общем, художника

Martyrdom of early Christians:

Вики только на немецком
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Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion, 1812

Sadak is a fictional character in a story in James Ridley's Tales of the Genii (two volumes, 1764); it is a faux-Oriental tale allegedly from a Persian manuscript, but actually the work of Ridley himself.[5] In Ridley's story, the hero Sadak is sent by his Sultan, Amurath, to find the memory-destroying "waters of oblivion." The Sultan maliciously intends to use the waters on Sadak's wife Kalasrade in a seduction attempt. Sadak endures a range of trials — a tempest at sea, a plague, evil genii, a subterranean whirlpool — before he attains his goal. In the end, the Sultan himself falls victim to the water's effect. Amurath dies; Sadak becomes Sultan. Martin's picture portrays Sadak at the climax of his struggle, just before he reaches the waters of oblivion.

(Ridley's tale was popular in its era, and was adapted into a play by Thomas John Dibdin, titled Sadak and Kalasrade, which was staged in 1797.[6] Henry Bishop mounted an operatic version in 1814.)
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Annubis & Sphinx, USSR ca 1950

"Анубис и Сфинкс".
Фарфор, роспись. СССР, ЛФЗ, 1950-е гг.
Высота 12 см, размер основания 8,5 х 13 см.
Скульптор Г.С.Столбова, художник Е.Н.Лупанова.


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